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Preserve your inner edology using micro-organisms
NEW HOPE FOR INTESTINAL DISORDERS - Crohns - Colitis - Diabetes - Psoriasis - Fibromyalgia
In 1985, Danish veterinarian Vagn Baastrup was rushed into the emergency room. He had lost considerable weight and says he was just a "long pole with skin around it". After extensive testing, doctors discovered he suffered from chronic inflammation of the pancreas. Despite doctors efforts to medicate the condition, it simply worsened.

In 1999, Baastrup was admitted into the hospital again. This time he was sent home with a bag of morphine, which he was to take in order to numb the worst of the pain in the last phase of his life. "The doctors gave up on me in 1996", he says. "They had no more medicine to offer me and told me to go home and deal with the necessary practical things like writing my will. I came home to my wife and son in order to prepare them and myself for the fact that I would soon die." However, just the opposite occurred. As a vet, Baastrup had reasonable knowledge of large and small animals, as well as a special interest in bacteriology. After reading an article that described how a farmer in Denmark saved his dying cows by spraying them with selected micro-organisms, Baastrup decided to get micro-organisms on his side. He began taking a lactobacil fermented drink with herbs, and in just a month and a half, amazingly his health returned.

"I started with a low dosage, and then began to drink 25 ml four times daily. I could definitely notice that something started to happen! It started to rumble inside of me. At the same time I noticed my energy coming back. I was quickly able to reduce the intake of morphine and took exclusively micro-organisms, in the form of the lactobacil fermented drink with herbs. My weight increased. The diarrhea I had been having for 15 years stopped. I could tolerate food again. The pains disappeared. One positive thing after the other happened."

In November 1999, Baastrup was called into the hospital for a check-up. By this time he had been drinking the lactobacil fermented drink with herbs for two months. His doctor in Aarhus Hospital got a shock when he saw his patient again. When Baastrup explained his strategy, the doctor wanted proof. Many tests were done, and after four days, the doctor called Baastrup with good news; there was no longer anything wrong with him.

Baastrup was featured in an article. After the article was published, he was flooded with enquiries from others suffering from various ailments. "At least 8,000 people called," he recalls, "and to date, about 2,000 have called back to report positive results."

The people who have benefited from the micro-organisms in the lactobacil fermented drink suffered from numerous intestinal ailments, especially Morbus Chrohn and also ulcerous colitis. Fungal infections of the bronchi, migraines, prostate ailments, quinsy trouble, candida, psoriasis, sinusitis, fribromyology and diabetes have all been relieved, according to sufferers who have tried the drink.

Well-known Danish radio and TV doctor Cartsen Vagn-Hansen believes that the healing effects of this special drink are due to the way the micro-organisms promote a normal and healthy intestinal flora. "I have no doubt that in many cases of illness, digestion is not in order," he says. "When the intestines do not function, there are not enough nutrients being absorbed. Toxic matter can form in the intestines and tiny proteins can press their way through a porous, unhealthy intestinal wall, reach the bloodstream and travel from there out to the rest of the body. As a result, anitbodies are built to combat this matter - something which again can create intolerance and allergies, along with other serious illnesses. When the intestines are not even able to absorb those substances that the body needs, problems will arise." By taking the right combination of micro-organisms, such problems can be prevented, as an infection of the intestines will not have a chance to develop.

What happens when the lactobacil fermented drink comes into the intestines? The micro-organisms in the lactobacil fermented drink partly repress the harmful bacteria and fungi that are in the intestines. They also partly support the growth of useful lactic acid bacteria, which results in a healthier intestinal mucus membrane. Additionally, they have the ability to "clean up" where appropriate. This means that the micro-organisms help to build up the useful intestinal flora, preventing constipation and the formation of toxic matter. At the same time, they induce better absorption of the nutrients that have not been sufficiently broken down.

One of the characteristics of the micro-organisms in a lactobacil fermented drink is their ability to produce antioxidants as soon as they enter the body. Antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals, "rust builders" known to cause various problems in the body. They recreate a natural balance in the body and support this balance. Accordingly, the inner climate of the body is improved and the risk of illness is reduced.

Thousands of people in 21 countries around the world are using these herb drinks to promote health, and there have been no reports of side effects. By Peter Quistgaard, freelance journalist. Copenhagen, Denmark. (Vista magazine, Issue 28)

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Mixing instructions one litre Terra Biosa to one litre of blackstrap molasses preferably organic to 34 litres of preferably filtered warm to hot water mix together and try and keep at 34 degrees centigrade use heating pad if necessary or keep in really warm room. Cover Mixture for 5 days to keep oxygen out and allow the activation process to work. Remove cover and skim the surface off and stir lightly cover and leave for an additional 3 days. And start using. This mix will work at full strength for 14 days and then there is a natural die off of bacteria and effects go down hill rapidly. The Terra biosa is good one year from manufacture unopened and once opened two months in the refrigerator. Bottom line is one litre gets you 36 litres of end product to be used in 14 days.

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